Tool Manufacturing

Experienced toolmakers - The best machines - Excellent components


More than 40 years of experience accompanies each and every product made by Reinhardt.

Use our uncomplicated in-house design concept - from the first idea to the finished plastic part - Reinhardt provides everything in the shortest possible time from one source. With us there are no detours for time-consuming pre-production stages. Talk to our experts.


Equipped with a larger than average selection of modern machinery, our experienced toolmakers manufacture high quality injection moulds from aluminium and steel as well as precisely crafted stamping tools. From a simple mechanical part to technically demanding precision moulding/3D moulding, we provide the highest quality moulds and tools. In the shortest possible time.


Take the lead from prestigious customers from the automotive industry, multimedia and infotainment product manufacturers as well as producers of timer technology who all count on Reinhardt's professional service.

Rapid Prototyping

Reinhardt quickly turns your ideas into tangible 3D plastic (ABS) models.

Give us your STEP, VDA, SLDPRT or IGS data or ask our team of model construction experts.


We give your design plans spatial form using modern stereo-lithography and laser sintering manufacturing processes.

Ask us about aluminium tools for prototyping.

Need a model for developers or designers under deadline pressure for the next presentation? Call us. We can quickly produce an illustrative 3D model of your data sets.