Cable assembly

Reliable nerve systems for your technology


Cables and connections are among the most common sources of errors when technology comes to a standstill. Savings made in these basic components may be very expensive later. Dissatisfied customers and loss of image can be the result even if the actual device is a cutting edge technical product. The higher the quality of the cable assembly, the less possibility of this type of error. At Reinhardt your cable products are in the best hands. Each individual cable is subjected to visual inspections as well as a computer-based 100% functional test.


Cables and harnesses assembled by Reinhardt accompany renowned car brands as connecting cables and battery cables as well as cabling for heated seats, daytime running lights and mobile infotainment. You also find our products in electric cars and in the area of electromobility equipment.


Many customers use the extensive Reinhardt expertise and involve us directly in their product development. This ensures that each cable element is perfectly adapted to the respective requirements.


We can supply all your components, from simple adapter cables to complex wire harnesses, the perfect fit for your needs. As a prototype, one-off, small batches and up to mass production.